The Counselling Sessions

Counselling enables you to make changes in order to cope with the crises that arrive in your life from time to time.

If you are struggling and have no-one to share your private thoughts or feelings with then meeting with a counsellor may help you.

It can be a great relief to be able to talk about yourself. Without the judgements or advice that can come from well meaning friends or relations.

The Counselling Session

Our sessions last 50 minutes. The hope is that what you learn about yourself in this time will continue to affect you in a positive way for the rest of your life. You may find out things about yourself that you did not realise before. This can lead to you having more choices about how you react instead of feeling out of control of your emotions.

Counselling is really useful when you are also feeling lost, scared or anxious.

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Contact Juliet

If you contact me we can see if my way of working would suit you.

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